AgroSci Exterior Green Wall

Exterior Walls

AgroSci’s exterior green walls add beauty and nature to your property, reducing heat, solar reflection and urban heat island effect.

  • Cover a façade
  • Frame an entrance
  • Enhance an outdoor area
  • Designed for your geographic location and climate
  • Computerized watering system provides moisture only when necessary
  • Custom exterior Greenwalls … if you can imagine it, we can build it and make it grow!
  • Any design and size
  • Any material (steel, glass, concrete, etc.)
  • We welcome your creative ideas!

AgroSci Interior Green Wall

Interior Walls

AgroSci interior living walls can be installed ANYWHERE in a building. Our Green Walls connect to internal plumbing or use self-contained watering systems. Water use is minimal and electrical loads low.

  • Any design and size
  • Any material (steel, glass, concrete, etc.)
  • We welcome your creative ideas!
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Mobile Green WallsAgroSci Mobile Green Wall

Agrosci is pleased to bring to market a truly versatile, self-sustaining, mobile green wall system for public and residential spaces. Green walls are the ideal biophilic addition to any occupied space – providing cleaner air, improving moods, reducing stress and boosting personal and workplace productivity. The Aerogation® Green wall system allows the added benefit of acting as a social distancing barrier that can easily be moved from space to space – excellent for offices and restaurants. It comes in both a single sided (as shown) as well as
a double sided configuration.

These portable green walls are shipped from the Agrosci warehouse across the US, assembled and installed by AgroSci trained crews. Plants are shipped directly to these teams from the grower, pre-potted, with three design options for the green wall potted areas. Ongoing plant service programs and training are available from AgroSci and are an integral part of the sustainability of the installed system.


  • LED Grow Light – Spectrum optimized for plant growth – set on a timer based on room location
  • Uses Aerogation® Technology – Combines hydroponic processes with air driven moisture
  • Wi-Fi Control System – Controls all operations – lights, water, UV sterilization, filter and air flow
  • Bio Filtration – Uses an all natural plant bioremediation process in roots and leaves to clean air
  • Durable Steel Frame – Powder coated steel frame and finish on all parts
  • Heavy Duty Casters – Allows easy movement from anywhere by anyone
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